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Target Games & Heartbreaker Hobbies (1995)
Harry Potter TCG
Wizards of the Coast (2001)
Kult CCG
Target Games (1995)
Legend of the Five Rings
AEG (1995)
Lord of the Rings TCG
Decipher (2001)
Maple Story iTCG
Wizards of the Coast (2007)
Mega Man NT Warrior
Decipher (2004)
Middle Earth CCG
Iron Crown Enterprises (1995)
Wizards of the Coast (1996)
White Wolf (1995)
Star Trek CCG
Decipher (1994)
Star Wars CCG
Decipher (1995)
The Terminator CCG
Precedence Entertainment (2000)
Vampire: the Eternal Struggle
White Wolf (1994)
Xena: Warrior Princess CCG
Wizards of the Coast (1998)
Young Jedi
Decipher (1999)