I am happy to announce that the Patreon campaign to support CardGameGeek is now live!

You can chose to pledge any amount from 1$ to 150$ and with each tier comes a range of privileges.

Your new status will be shown in both our Discord chat and in the website. An Icon will show up next to your name, showing the tier of your pledge.

At 1$ you get to navigate the website in an Ad-free environment and join the ranks of the Freedom Tier.

At 5$ you will be invited in the Patreon Trello group and will be able to vote for the next game to be added. Also you’ll get access to a private page were I’ll upload the HQ pictures of the cards I am, admittedly slowly, scanning. (Currently work in progress). You will join the Player Tier rank. Plus all the above rewards.

At 25$ you will be able to promote/submit your contents, be them Videos, articles, guides, incoming game,etc on CardGameGeek. Monthly limit applies and content is subject to approval (Only OOP CCG or new “indie” CCG). Plus all above rewards. You will join the Contributor Tier Rank

At 50$ you’ll join the Collector Tier, a special group of people that will have access to a private Discord Channel and direct contact with me, to discuss and vote on the development of the website to shape it with your help. Plus all the above rewards.

At 150$ you’ll be the King, with the Royal Tier. By submitting 2 months of pledge, you’ll be eligible to choose a game not yet implemented on CardGameGeek, and we will give it TOP priority and develop within this 2 months period, plus all above rewards. (Only OOP Games are eligible, and unless provided or if I can get the cards in a reasonable amount of time, I can’t grant the scans to be available upon release) if you submit for a specific game, please inquire what the limitations might be.

Above everything you’ll be helping to maintain and further develop what aim to be a great place for all people passionate about CCG/TCG at large.


Once pledged you can access your profile page and connect your CGG account with Patreon and the website will take care of keeping updated your Patreon status from there.



If you don’t feel like pledging there are many other ways you can help us:

  • You can make any kind of donation with PayPal
  • If you plan to buy anything from Amazon or eBay, do so by passing through our affiliation page. It takes a few extra seconds of your time and without any added costs you’ll be helping us a lot.
  • Navigate the website disabling the AdBlocker or whitelisting us.


If you are looking to provide active help we are always on the look out for:

  • LQ/HQ Scans of cards either in English or, for some of the games, in other languages as well.
  • Usable Database of cards: We accept SQL, CSV, XLS and TXT format, as long as well formatted. Only file that contains data relative to full set/collections can be used, and any data of the card (Artist info optional) should be there: name, text, value, special skills, special icons, etc If you want to help in this regards please reach out to discuss the right format for a game.
  • LQ/HQ Scans of Books or Scans/Pictures of ephemera related to CCG

For the active helps, depending on the amount and quality of contents, you might qualify for one or more months of a special title providing the same rewards as a Patreon Tier.


Thanks for being with us!