Your Clothes: Give Them to Him
Posted March 7th 2020 by Rahvin
"I'm back."

Wait - right franchise, wrong movie. 

Joking aside - we are back, a little under a week later, with another game being added to our games database. The interesting hybrid-CCG/RPG from Precedence, The Terminator CCG, has officially joined our growing collection of game databases.

This game is also on the new codebase and database structure mentioned last week; while we ironed out some bugs in it earlier in the week, a few known bugs remained, identified thanks to the community who've pored over the game. Primarily, this revolves around the "Read More..." page for Online play not working for these new games at the moment and an issue properly displaying the amounts in your collection, wishlist, and tradelist when sharing those.

While we're in the process of fixing those, it's still possible some small bugs remain unnoticed in the code. If something does come up, please let us know - you can either use the contact form or come get ahold of us in our new dedicated Bugs & Tech Report channel on Discord (also accessible from the sidebar).

Additionally, while this data did go past a couple sets of eyes, it's possible we've missed something. If anything looks incorrect, please let us know - either come chat with us on Discord or, better yet, open up the card details for the card with the error by clicking on it. Down in the bottom right corner, you'll find a link to allow easy reporting of the card directly to us!

So, that's one game scratched off our list for the month! Stay tuned for more as March goes on!

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