World of Warcraft TCG at GenCon 2019
Posted August 26th 2019 by Rahvin

Featuring Four Events

It seems that GenCon had a good showing for multiple "dead" games this year - and the World of Warcraft TCG, under the Reborn banner, was no exception. Featuring four events - the Classic, Cube Draft, Core, and Contemporary events - presented a weekend of action in Azeroth demonstrating a variety of gameplay formats.

The second Reborn Circuit event since the banlist announcement earlier this year, the Classic event saw use of the new Into the Mists card, Temple of the Jade Serpent, to power a combo-kill engine to great effect. Pat Eshgy effectively piloted the deck to first place in the event, defeating Jeff Blyden in the finals to claim the title of Reborn GenCon 2019 Classic Champion.

Early morning Friday saw the Reborn Cube in action with eight players, though due to a number of drops of four players remained in the final rounds. Finals saw Nathan Cole and Craig Cainkar facing off in an Alliance mirror, with Nathan squeezing in the win to claim the title of Reborn GenCon 2019 Cube Champion.

Play continued into Friday afternoon with the Core tournament, featuring decks from the Block 7/Block 8 Core. Lots of players entered the field, with decks being loaned to make sure everyone had legal decks to play and have some fun. The nature of Core saw a number of deck archetypes battling it out over five rounds of Swiss. A cut to Top 4 saw the following players make it into the semi-final rounds:

  • Nathan Cole - Tauren Tribal (Li Ting Farsky)
  • Jeremy Honda - Euphoria Doomhammer (Malfurion Stormrage)
  • Joe Kleptz - Night Elf Tribal (Malfurion Stormrage)
  • Stefan Giovanni - Death Knight Mill (Arthas Menethil)

The matches continued throughout the day, eventually seeing Joe Kleptz rise to the top with his Night Elf Tribal deck headed by Malfurion. Congratulations to Joe on claiming the Reborn 2019 Core Champion title!

A final event ran on Saturday, pulling in a modest number of people to play Contemporary with lots of tricks. In the finals, Joe Kleptz faced off against and defeated Nathan Cole to take the title of Reborn 2019 Contemporary Champion using a Lady Vashj priest deck backed by the new Agent Connelly.

We're happy to see that Reborn had such a great turn out at GenCon and look forward to hearing more about the future from them soon. More information on the events and deck lists for the winning Classic and Contemporary decks can be found on the WoW TCG Reborn blog.