Warlord CCG at GenCon 2019
Posted August 12th 2019 by Rahvin

Attendance swells to new high

After the amazing turnout at last year's GenCon, Warlord: Saga of the Storm has had another amazing year of events at GenCon in 2019.

Featuring a full six rounds of Swiss followed by a top cut, the main Ancients event at GenCon for Warlord was able to draw in a staggering 41 players, a new peak since the game entered its current unpublished state. On top of the primary event, a Draft event and an Open event were also held to provide a full weekend of play for everyone involved.

After the cut, the Ancient event saw Chris Vaccaro, Robert "Fat Kid" Midgley, Vic Polites, Mike Zaret, Amanda Eagle, Richard Carter, Josh King, and Nigel Sellman in the Top 8.

By the end of the day, the following players had claimed Top of Faction:
  • Top Free Kingdoms - Robert "Fat Kid" Midgley
  • Top Elf - Chriss Vaccaro
  • Top Mercenary - Vic Polites
  • Top Dwarf - Amanda Eagle
  • Top Deverenian - Dillon Vanover
  • Top Nothrog - Wes Youngren
  • Top Chosen - Chris Kessler

When the dust of the day settled in the wee hours of the night, Chric Vaccaro's Elves and Robert "Fat Kid" Midgley's Free Kingdoms duked it out for the honour of victory and the grand prize of the framed original painting of Mass Blessing by Malcolm McClinton. Emerging from that final round, Robert "Fat Kid" Midgley was crowned Champion for 2019 in a hard fought series of games after a long grueling day.

More details on the Ancients event and reports on both the Open and Draft events, along with coverage of other community events from the weekend, can be found on Guardians of the Storm.