Posted February 8th 2019 by Rahvin

With 'Cosmic Avengers' Set

Volume 2 of Upper Deck’s Vs. System 2PCG will open on February 6 with the first issue of the new Infinity War Arc:  Cosmic Avengers.

The Infinity War Arc will bring the events surrounding the Infinity Gauntlet and the battle against Thanos into the Vs. System 2PCG game.  Cosmic Avengers will be the first of three sets, and its focus is on the heroes.  The set will feature Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, and other members of the Avengers team.

MSRP is $14.99.

The second and third parts of the Infinity War ArcGalactic Guardians and Black Order will release in March and April.

The last arc, Great Power, concluded with The New Defenders, released in October (see “‘Vs. System 2PCG:  The New Defenders”), followed by the Crossover Volume 1 in December (see “New ‘Vs System’ Set Revisits 11 Marvel Teams”).

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