Posted November 13th 2017 by CardGameGeek

'Standard,' 'Trilogy,' 'Infinite'

Fantasy Flight has announced three new formats for its official Star Wars Destiny organized play programs and tournaments.  New “Standard” and “Trilogy” formats will use a rotation system to phase out older products, while “Infinite” will include the entire range of Star Wars Destiny products.

The stated purpose of the program is to ensure that official events are appealing to both new and experienced players, while maintaining play balance as the line develops.  To this end, there will be three formats used in future events:

“Standard” will be the default format for most events, including official organized play events and all championship-level events.  Standard uses a rotation system that includes only the two most recent release cycles and any products that are part of a cycle that is not yet released.  Each time a new cycle begins, the oldest cycle will no longer be legal for events using Standard format.

Each rotation cycle will include at least five products:  two starter sets and their booster packs plus two booster pack expansion sets.  Additional products related to those releases will also be included.

The first such cycle, called “Awakenings,” is complete and includes the Kylo Ren Starter SetRey Starter SetAwakenings Booster Packs, Spirit of Rebellion Booster Packs, and Empire at War Booster Packs.  The second cycle, “Legacies” is not yet complete, and so far, includes the Luke Skywalker Starter SetBoba Fett Starter Set, Legacies Booster Packs, the Star Wars:  Destiny Two-Player Game, and the Rivals Draft Set.  At this time, all products from both cycles are legal for Standard format.

“Trilogy” is a more restricted format specifically intended to attract new players by reducing the pool of legal cards and dice.  This format allows only products that are part of the current cycle in production.  At this point, that means that only materials from the Legacies cycle can be used in these events.  Stores hoping to attract new players are being encouraged to run events in this format, which will also be used for Galactic Qualifier events held by Fantasy Flight.

The final format, called “Infinite,” is the most open format, and it includes all products released over the history of the game line.  This format is intended to reward veteran players and devoted fans.

Each of the three formats will be supported with its own “Holocron” document, which Fantasy Flight will make available for free and update as needed.  The Holocron will include complete lists of all materials currently legal for use in events using that format, as well as any special rules for deck construction and gameplay that apply when using that format.  In the case of the Infinite Holocron, tools to maintain play balance will also be included.

Fantasy Flight has been developing organized play and tournament formats for Star Wars Destiny, and recently announced plans to produce the Rivals Draft Set specifically to support draft and sealed play events (see “‘Rivals Draft Set’ Adds New Formats for ‘Star Wars:  Destiny’”).

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