Rock(Man) and Roll: MegaMan NT Warrior Database Goes Live!
Posted June 20th 2019 by Rahvin
Well, this is a surprise.

We weren't expecting to be doing this update today but here we are - our database for MegaMan NT Warrior TCG is now live. Originating in 2004 from Decipher and receiving only a base set and two expansions, the game uses art from the anime of the same name to let you play out some fast paced MegaMan action. As a lesser known game, it hasn't received as much love over the years as some other games we covered but we hope you can find use of the database all the same.

Click here to check out the database!

This particular database was something of an experiment; as we've been working on updating the site, the tools we use to create the databases have been evolving and streamlining to make it easier - and quicker - to create new game databases from scratch. With MegaMan NT Warrior TCG's database, we wanted to experiment and see how long it would take to assemble a basic database and deck builder from scratch using the tools we've been developing; as such, this new database is missing some of the more in-depth features seen in other databases currently (for example, we only have filtering by expansion, card type, rarity, and card name supported).

As per usual, it's possible some mistakes were made in the process of developing the database. This is a lesser known game and one we're not super familiar with and speed was one of goal posts for this particular project - so it's very likely we may have made some typos in card names or in appropriately assigning rarity or card types in the database. If you discover such a case, please use the report feature in the lower right hand corner of the card modals to let us know so we can fix it as quickly as possible!

This marks the second database we've launched this year - and we hope to have a number of similar sized ones coming very soon. Our goal is to continue bringing more databases throughout the year. Some will be basic database like the MegaMan NT Warriors database while some will be more in-depth with more data to help specific searches. More news about these databases and other site updates will be coming very soon!

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