Posted July 6th 2017 by CardGameGeek
Starter Decks The Caster Chronicles TCGForce of Will Inc. has shared details on the first releases for The Caster Chronicles Trading Card Game launching in October.The game was announced at the GAMA Trade Show (see “New TCG 'Caster' Launching This Fall”). In the game, players chose female characters who attend a mysterious magic academy. Each “caster” has formed a magical contract with a creature from the magical world and participates in conjuring battles, calling on servants and magic that corresponds to their elemental attribute (Terra, Solis, Aqua, Aes, Sylva, Luna, Ignus).

There are two Caster Chronicles Starter Decks releasing on October 20: Arrogant Swallowtail (Terra Deck) and Wings of Anger (Ingus Deck). Each deck includes everything a player needs to start, a deck containing cards that serve only their respective attribute, so new players have an easy introduction the game. Each deck contains 50 cards, a play sheet, a rules sheet, and a game manual. The Starter Decks are packed 5 to a box, with 8 boxes per carton.

The Caster Chronicles TCG The first booster pack Advent of Demons will also release on October 20. The Booster includes 200 kinds of cards which correspond to the seven different caster elements. Each Booster Pack contains 8 cards, and each Booster Boxcontains 20 packs. Each carton contains 6 boxes. FOW will include a limited PR card with the pre-order of each Booster Box. If a customer purchases 3 boxes, they are entitled to a limited rubber playmat (only available during first printing.)FOW will make free demo decks available to stores from the middle of July to the end of the month.

Force of Will also announced another trading card game launching this fall (see “Great Minds Clash in New TCG 'Architect'”).

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