New 'Star Wars: Destiny' Booster for Q3
Posted April 15th 2019 by Rahvin

'Spark of Hope'

Fantasy Flight Games will release Spark of Hope, a new booster set for its Collectible Dice Game Star Wars: Destiny, in Q3, the company announced at Star Wars Celebration on Saturday. Spark of Hope will continue the themes introduced in Convergence, the first 2019 Star Wars: Destiny booster (see “’Star Wars: Destiny – Convergence Booster’”), emphasizing subtypes, downgrades, and new plots.

The 160-card set will include Red villain cards that empty an opponent’s hand, Yellow villains with a new set of moves and masteries hunters adding their skills, and more. Grand Admiral Thrawn, a Red villain character, plays a prominent role. Usually on opposite sides, Rey and Kylo Ren can be teamed up using a “Temporary Truce” that recontextualizes Rey’s Power Action and increases the value of Kylo’s Power Action.

In addition to themes introduced in Convergence, Spark of Hope will also include new mechanics, including the game’s first diceless characters, Ewoks, which often have a small point cost, can be attached with upgrades and downgrades, and provide some kind of bonus when activated.

A Draft Set is due for release before the Spark of Hope booster (see “’Star Wars: Destiny’ Adds Fresh Draft Set”).

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