Posted December 5th 2018 by Rahvin

Features Gypsy Promo Card

Cryptozoic Entertainment has unveiled the DC Deck-Building Game: 2018 Organized Play Kit 2 for its popular DC Deck-Build Game series.  The kit will be sent to stores in the end of October, to concide with the launch of DC Deck-Building Game: Rivals – Green Lantern vs. Sinestro (see “'Rivals' Ring in New 'DC Deck-Building Game' Set”).

The organized play kit includes instructions for retail stores to run tournaments and league play, as well as providing prizes for participants.  Instructions outline various tournament options (Single Elimination, Point-Based) as well as league styles (Competitive League, Cooperative “Crisis” League).  The kit includes a limited-edition playmat, 12 Gypsy Hero promo cards as prizes, and a poster to encourage players to sign up.  Retailers can order the DC Deck-Building Game: 2018 Organized Play Kit 2 through game distributors.  Cost is $25.00.

Cryptozoic released Organized Play Kit 1 this summer (see “'DC Deck-Building Game' Gets New 'Organized Play Kit'”).

Original article published by ICv2.