Magic and Machines in Harmony: Two New Databases Go Live
Posted June 29th 2019 by Rahvin
Weren't we just here?

Yes, a little over a week after our last database addition, we're adding two new databases to the site - as of this posting, the databases for Netrunner (the original game from 1996) and the Harry Potter TCG should be live. That brings the Netrunner base set, both expansions, and promo cards as well as the Harry Potter base set, four expansions, and promo cards to our collection management tools; additionally, deck builders for both these games are up and running.

Click here to check out the Netrunner database!
Click here to check out the Harry Potter database!

These databases are similar in nature to the MegaMan database - they contain the card names, images, their expansion, type, and rarity. This will allow you to quickly manage your personal collection, wish list, and trade list as well as to add the cards to decks for the games. Do note that some of the images for the Harry Potter TCG are currently missing; aside from not having some images for some of the Promotional cards, the quality of the images for some of the cards from expansions we had were not of a quality we were happy to use; we're working on replacing those as soon as possible.

As usual, it's possible some mistakes fell through the cracks while developing the databases. We checked that the cards were properly categorized based on the information we had but if someone more familiar with the games finds something we did incorrectly, we're more than happy to fix it as soon as possible; as with all our game databases, you'll find a link to quickly report card errors on the individual card modals.

And with that, we're up to four databases this year with more to come over the summer. We're also working on getting a more consistent schedule for updates and plan to bring some new functionality to the site in the coming months - including the return of being able to share your collections, wishlists, and tradelists; after all, what point is managing your collection if you can't share the lists?

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