Legend of the Five Rings CCG Database Goes Live!
Posted April 29th 2019 by Rahvin
It seems the April showers have brought out the sakura blossoms - and with them, the samurai of Rokugan.

Our database for Legend of the Five Rings from AEG, the game that ran for twenty years and told an epic story, has finally gone live. Within you'll find cards stretching from Pre-Imperial straight through to the final release, Evil Portents, and numerous side products from over the years. Though the IP has moved on to a new owner and a new game, many still fondly remember - and play! - the various editions of the old game.

Click here to check out the database!

Now, all of that said - this database is a work in progress. At current count, there are nearly 17000 cards in the database - and that's not including a large number of promos which we are aware are currently missing. Data for all the cards is currently incomplete and text for a number of cards is not reflective of Most Recent Printing, so we've temporarily disabled some of the more in-depth filters. Work on that database has proceeded for numerous hours to get it even to the state it's currently in but we're not finished. As such, we're going to continue updating and fixing the database over the coming weeks and we hope to have a number of sets added to the "completed" status every week until the database is completely up to par and fully operational.

As always, it's very likely we input some data incorrectly; should you happen to notice it (for example, a card showing the wrong rarity, card type, image, whatever), please use our report feature to let us know and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

So, that's our first database of 2019 - and what a doozy it was! But we're already hard at work on getting the next game up and running and hope to bring it to you a lot quicker than this one. Keep your eyes peeled for more news coming soon!

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