Launching Our New Layout
Posted March 18th 2019 by Rahvin
Spring is (almost) here and change is in the wind here at Card Game Geek.

The first thing you likely noticed if you've been here before is that we have a new layout. We've put quite a bit of work into it so far and have even more planned for the site in the future; we just ask you be a bit patient with us during this time of expansion.

The goal of the Card Game Geek website has always been to provide both databases and deck builders for as many card games as we possibly can and we look forward to building more towards that goal in the coming year. With the site layout update for the most part complete, we are especially committed now to bringing you more new card databases; work on AEG's Legend of the Five Rings CCG is already well underway and will be followed throughout the year by databases for Warlords, Legend of the Burning Sands, and 7th Sea, among others.

As always, we believe that at the end, the site's content should serve the community and be a reflection of the type of things they're looking for. As such, we're always open to feedback on anything we do - and that includes this new layout and future projects. You can reach out to us either directly by using our contact form or through either Facebook or Twitter with your feedback. We also have a Discord server where we can be reached or you can just interact with the community.

Note: Swapping to this layout may have caused formatting issues around articles imported from the old site (particularly in places where tables have been used); this primarily only affects older articles (from prior to November of 2018) as we've been plotting for the eventual transition for some time. In time, we'll be going through and cleaning those up as well.

We thank you for sticking around while we get everything sorted out and look forward to continue towards the goal of bringing you everything CCG in the days, weeks, months, and (hopefully) years to come!