CardGameGeek Goes 'Live'
Posted July 7th 2017 by CardGameGeek

CardGameGeek starts Closed Beta.

Welcome to everyone!

After more than an year of hard work and investments, I am really happy to announce that finally CardGameGeek is almost ready to be available to everyone.

But let's go in order:

I am Fabio C. , passionate about Cards games of all kind since I was little. I have been a player and I am now more of an avid collector and a seller/trader.

In the last years I saw that there's really a lack of informations, tools for deckbuilding and Inventory management, not to mention a dedicated Shop/Trade area for collectors and players of many old games (Dead CCG). There are a few other websites that try to cover these games in a way or another, but I find they have really old approach, design, and more often than not the information are far from complete on some of the games, be it from a player or from a collector perspective.

Here's were CardGameGeek is born. I am looking to build, over time, the final website for all players and collector of all Dead CCG first and then, given the amount of dedication they require, "Live" CCG as well.

Feature you'll find already in this Closed Beta version are :

  • Collection Management: Keep track of your collection, wishlist and tradelist.

  • Deckbuilding: Build your deck, and thinker on how to improve it, thanks to the statistic section. Also import/export your deck to work with the most common "play" software for each game (Lackey, GCCG, etc).

  • News: Stay updated on the latest news regarding each game and the CCG world as a whole.

  • Resources: Let's not forget everything that's relative to these games. Guides, Books, Rules, and anything part of the History of these games. Also articles for beginner and Unpacking/Let's Play videos will soon follow.

Feature that will come in time:

  • Forum: if there's enough request for a forum, it will be added to handle direct messaging between user easier. For now you can use the Discord Channel.

  • Full featured Trading System: A complete and modern trading and rating system, to help player out there find that card they are looking for and understand who you are dealing with.

  • Multi-Vendor eCommerce: A platform, like eBay, to allow everyone sell anything related to CCG. I do think there's too much places to sell stuff right now, and you more often than not, are forced to publish everywhere in the hope someone will see your sale/auction. A really focused market will help seller and buyer alike to always being able to find what they are looking for.

  • Visual Dream Cards design: Community that try to keep old games live, more than anything else, need to work together to publish new cards/set to keep the game healthy. This feature will help all these communities to make less efforts and receive feedback and help from anyone online.

  • And much, much more to come... stay updated through our Trello Board.

At this very moment, only 2 games are available: Vampire the Eternal Struggle and Middle-Earth CCG.

I choose to start with them being an old passion of mine, but soon Star Trek CCG 1E/2E and Star Wars CCG, both from Decipher, will follow and after that you'll be the one to choose which games should follow up. Check which games are in waiting list, and their Status here.

I want CardGameGeek to be a community project, I want to update it based on everyone feedback, I want it to grow and shape into something that reflect every needs you have ever wanted to see from a website of this kind.

So far I have worked alone on building the database as the best of my possibility, and invested quite a few money to have a dedicated developer work on this project full time.

If you like what I am doing here you can help in a lot of ways:

  • Visit the website on a regular basis, possibly whitelisting us in your AdBlocker, and provide feedback and report of anything wrong you may find.

  • Share our articles, our pages and about the site through Social Network, word of mouth and any other way you may think about it. The more we are the better CardGameGeek will be.

  • If you need to buy anything from Amazon or eBay, enter these website from one of the link provided in this page. It does cost only a click to you, but through the Affiliation program it will help me tremendously to keep the project going.

  • If you are into really supporting the project feel free to make a donation here. Doing all alone is really costly and takes a huge amount of time to gather enough money to implement every future, but with your help it could me way much easier.

  • Another option, that will be open later in time, will be to join the Patreon campaign I am setting up. If you are interested please let me know and I'll personally keep you updated on the status.

I hope this project to centralized everything related to CCG meets your taste and make you at least half excited as I was when I choose to start this journey.

I am happy to hear from you, for whatever reason, in fact, I do really wish to be able to talk and discuss with everyone of you.

Feel free to sign up and join CardGameGeek!

See you around,