Captain's Blog: Justice
Posted October 12th 2019 by dragoncymru1
“All of us are sworn not to interfere with other life in the galaxy. I am caught between the two. If I save this young man, I break that law...” - Jean-Luc Picard, ’Justice’

A captain’s life can be filled with difficult decisions (if saving Wesley). This time I’m going to discuss introducing the Ready Room Door so those decisions can be made more easily with the ‘Captain’s Order’ cards and cards that make getting your ‘matching commander’ aboard your Ship a definite advantage.

In the 2018 version of the solo project there were lots of side-decks and one included having all of the Captain’s Order cards under a Ready Room Door. This time, I’m trying to reduce the number of player controlled side-decks to reduce table bloat (there’s still going to be quite enough anyway), so Ready Room Door returned to its printed version and all of the Captain’s Order cards went back into the draw deck.

Captain’s Ready Room: The Ready Room Door was introduced in First Contact and has had a few reprints with different property logos, although it’s a shame we don’t have a TNG version, and that we don’t have different Affiliation versions either. It has remained a staple card for many decks, mainly because of its’ ability to draw your matching commander for your Ship. Getting your matching commander aboard means that a player can benefit from several powerful cards such as Captain’s Log or Make It So (which I currently play with a TNG logo if I’m playing Federation – why shouldn’t Picard from that era not be able to utter his most famous line?). If you already have your matching commander aboard, the Ready Room Door can be used to download a Captain’s Order. This was initially only a small set of cards, but since has been expanded greatly, and represents all the things a captain might...order, such as Mission Debriefing, Yellow Alert and the Jellicoe version of Make It SoGet It Done! Several important Personnel like Captain Kirk or Tomalak can also directly download a Captain’s Order card.

Captain’s Order: Interestingly however, there are some cards that are not a Captain’s Order and yet plainly should be. For the solo game I allow Red Alert, Auto-Destruct Sequence, Hail, Scan, Full Planet Scan, Life Form Scan, Long Range Scan and Tactical Scan to all become a Captain’s Order. For them to be played solo, I have also tweaked two of the scan cards (and made Life Form Scan similar to the CC errata versions):

Long Range Scan
Allows any scan card to peek at cards at an adjacent Mission OR may avoid one ship encounter if your Range is equal or greater than the encountered ship.

Life Form Scan
Plays at the start of your turn. Stop a staffed ship with at least two staffing icons and Exiobiology aboard at a Mission to examine the bottom seed card there.

Game Report: I recently played a terrific game of Federation against a Klingon opponent where it really came down to the wire on which side would score their last 10 points. I have started to put a few more unique Personnel into the decks (especially if they feature in Season 1 of TNG), so have added Picard, Data, Troi and Spock to my Federation deck, and Korris and Konmel (from the Next Generation set rather than their fairly rubbish Premiere versions) as well as playing with a small Alternate Universe side-deck.

The USS Enterprise made an early appearance and with Data too, I managed to quickly complete both Homeward (with my seeded 2 Mission Specialists for 10 bonus points) and Survey Instability before attempting to Study Plasma Streamer. It was here that I encountered an Alternate Universe Door that opened a Temporal Rift that engulfed the Enterprise for 2 turns. Meanwhile the Klingon Empire, led by Gowron who became Arbiter of Succession and completed Test Mission, Reopen Dig and A Good Place to Die.

However when the Enterprise returned from the rift, we were joined by The Traveller. After a quick stop at our Outpost to get Spock aboard, he transported the ship to the far end of the space-lane, where the Vulcan ambassador appropriately and thematically completed Establish Relations to win the game. That’s a nice Mission where a player can download a Non-Aligned Personnel too...hmm...

Next time it’ll be the introduction Battle Bridge side deck and the Tactics cards, taking a look at Infiltrators and how they can work in the solo game, plus a look at capturing and rescuing Personnel. I'm doing a re-watch of Trek and am currently in the middle of Season 6 TNG and the start of Season 1 of DS9. I Tweet my episode reviews on Twitter- so if you're interested in what I think about Season 6, Follow me - @DWSSG01.

“Make it so...”