Captain's Blog: Haven
Posted November 2nd 2019 by dragoncymru1
“Such a beautiful world - legends say it has been known to mend souls and heal broken hearts.” – Jean Luc Picard, ‘Haven’

In my latest article for the solo Star Trek CCG First Edition project I’m going to discuss Facilities, Affiliation Home worlds and their associated Missions, plus take a look at the various HQ cards and their effects.

Home Worlds: When the Premiere set was released back in 1994 there were 2 cards, Cloaked Mission and Expose Covert Supply that allowed you to visit Romulus and Qo’nos respectively – home worlds of the Romulans and the Klingons. Earth, home of the Federation, didn’t make an appearance until First Contact in 1997 with Espionage Mission, and the poor Ferengi had to wait until Rules of Acquisition was released in 1999 with Deliver Message to Ferenginar. One problem with all these Missions is that the Affiliation who actually resided there couldn’t attempt them! I suppose that kind of made sense as why attempt a Mission on your home territory when there’s a big galaxy out there? More importantly however was that you couldn’t report any Personnel or Ships of the matching Affiliation there either! Again, it did make sense as the default Facility was an ‘Outpost’ so why build an ‘Outpost’ on your home world? But it was kind of weird when you couldn’t report the USS Enterprise to Earth. Decipher created two solutions to this issue – new Headquarters Facilities that DID build on home worlds, and a set of HQ cards that could play on them. Interestingly, when Second Edition was released in 2002, Homeworlds ousted Outposts and were a feature from the start...

Headquarters: This new Facility card debuted in Bajoran and Cardassian versions in Deep Space 9 in 1998, but Federation, Klingon and Romulan players had to wait until The Dominion in 1999 to get their versions. You can report Personnel, Ships and Equipment to your Headquarters just like your Outpost, and although they can’t repair Ships, they have the big advantage of a free card play of critical Personnel. This was very thematic, such as getting Klingon High Council Members at The Great Hall. Now a Romulan player could actually play Cloaked Mission, a Mission he couldn’t do (and potentially his Klingon opponent could complete for 30 points) to get Romulus on the table, play Office of the Proconsul and get free plays of important Romulan senators. It did use up one of your Mission ‘slots’ however which meant a reduction in available points you could score – until you consider HQ cards...

HQ Cards: These are a small set of Incidents and Objectives that play on your Homeworld and were first introduced in Deep Space 9. One of the first and arguably still the most useful was Secure Homeworld. With this Objective, you could complete your Homeworld Mission with different requirements. If you were lucky your opponent might attempt the original Mission so you can score the points and capture all his Personnel at your Headquarters. Like the other HQ Objectives, such as Return Orb to Bajor, these are brilliantly thematic.

Solo Game: How is using Facilities different in the solo version? In my 2018 project I created a dedicated Facility deck putting in lots of Events and Incidents that could happen there such as Inspection or Bynars Data Transfer and many Dream cards like ‘Parises Squares Tournament’ and ‘Upgrade Starship’. There were also many cards to draw Non-Aligned Personnel as ‘Federation Guests’ and an option for granting shore leave for crews or filing Mission reports. Although this was great fun and created a great thematic flavour, it also veered too far from the original game and meant too many Dream cards. It was also totally based on the Federation and couldn’t be replicated for the different Affiliations. In the 2019 version I’ve regretfully had to jettison all of that due to my ‘mission statement’ of trying to keep as true to the regular game as possible with very few Dream cards. In short, Facilities play completely as normal!

But I couldn’t resist one tiny tweak. ‘Haven’ introduces Lwaxana Troi, Deanna’s overbearing mother as a semi-regular character. Lwaxana isn’t well received by lots of fans, but I quite like her and since she is portrayed by the lovely Majel Barrett, I’d thought I’d add something to the lack-lustre Premiere version:

Lwaxana Troi (Personnel, Premiere)
Gains [Download] Mr Homn.

Next time I’m discussing everything hologram as I dive into using Holodecks, Holo-Programs and Holo-Personnel in the solo game in ways that differ from usual 2 player game. My re-watch of Star Trek continues and I’m currently over half way through Season 6 of TNG and also started Season 1 of DS9. I Tweet my episode reviews on Twitter- so if you're interested in what I think about Season 6, Follow me - @DWSSG01.

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