Captain's Blog: Code of Honor
Posted September 14th 2019 by dragoncymru1
“It is a highly structured society in which people live by strict codes.” – Data, ‘Code of Honor

This time I’m going to discuss how I try to control the Opponent deck and how it can be different between Affiliations. Also since ‘Code of Honor’ has NO 1E cards taken from it, I’ll share 2 new Dream cards.

The major issue in converting a 2 player game into a solitaire game is how you control an ‘opponent’. You could remove this entirely by creating a game AI and a ‘lose’ condition, which is how I did it in the 2018 version, but it meant that a huge amount of the cards had to be tweaked or re-written entirely. It also meant that a player missed out on some fun of constructing decks for different Affiliations and playing them against each other. In this 2019 version I changed it so that you are definitely playing against an opposing deck.

Deck Composition: Although perhaps obvious, this is the place to start and I always try to create themed decks over power decks. This is also why I only have 50% of the deck being Personnel because it is in the other cards – Events/Interrupts/Objectives and Incidents that the theme is most prevalent. We all know the cards that are made for the various Affiliations, so go ahead and include them. Klingon Death Yell, Heart of Glory, Honor Challenge, and Klingon Right of Vengeance are all brilliant cards for our friends from Qo’nos. Romulans love a bit of Espionage and Brainwashing, whilst the Federation uses Hail to stop being attacked or various Scan cards to help solve Missions. Try not to put many Interrupts in the Opponent deck that cancel your Interrupts/Events however as this can lead to chain reactions and ‘false guessing’.

Making Decisions: When it is ‘your’ Turn you play the deck normally. When you are playing the Opponent deck however you have to play that deck as efficiently as possible, although I always play ‘opponent’s choice’ decisions on cards as ‘random selection’. I play the Opponent deck depending on the Affiliation and the cards I have included in it – so Klingons are usually more reasonable than Romulans, unless you’re against the House of Duras of course! I always also look at the skills of a ship’s Commander (OFFICER with highest stats or Leadership) and if they include Treachery decide that they would probably be offensive and attack me (obeying normal attack restrictions of course) rather than trying to complete a Mission. Likewise, if a Commander has Honor then I would have them attack less. When it comes to battles, I always think that Klingons are more inclined to go hand-to-hand and beam down an Away Team (especially if they want to die with glory!), whereas Romulans would rather have a Ship battle (if they have the superior firepower).

Self Controlling Ships: A new card-type was designed for ‘The Sky’s the Limit’ CC set that fits perfectly into the solo game as it is, well, self controlling. You can read the article by the CC yourself on how they work, but I have been adding some Common NA Ships from Premiere such as Mercenary Ship and Combat Vessel to my Planet/Space Dilemma pile before shuffling them into the two Dilemma piles for the game and counting them as self-controlling ships – it works very well indeed.

I love designing Dream cards – it can be a terrible habit and one that went completely out of control in the 2018 version of the STCCG solo game. This time, I’m committed to designing far, far less and I’m making a promise that only if episodes have less than 2 cards from it will I get my Dream card designers head on. But the episode ‘Code of Honor’ has none for 1E, so here are my two 2E conversions for it:

Test of Honor (Planet Dilemma)
Now and at the start of each Mission attempt, one (random) SECURITY Personnel is stopped. To overcome requires Honor, Diplomacy x2 and no Acquisition.

(This might prove difficult for Romulans and Ferengi)

Holoprogram: Akido Training (Incident)
Plays on your ship with a Holodeck. Your SECURITY Personnel aboard or in an Away Team are all +1 STRENGTH (+2 in Personnel battles).

(I love designing Holodeck programs - this is a very basic one that could come in handy for the Federation)

Next time I’ll be introducing the Ferengi to the solo game, discussing how they might play differently as an Affiliation and a session report from a recent game showcasing them against a Federation deck.

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