Captain's Blog: Angel One
Posted November 23rd 2019 by dragoncymru1
“A brief visit will be tolerated.” – Mistress Beata, ‘Angel One’

Welcome to the latest article on STCCG First Edition where I reveal a new Dream card, discuss a seed card limit and detail a recent game session. Since I have to admit I struggled to find much of a link to this episode title, I also detail my versions of the TNG Season ‘One’ Bridge crew!

‘Angel One’ can hardly be described as the best episode of TNG ever - in fact with its terribly dated 80’s sexism and ‘planet of the strong women’ trope, it’s possibly one of the worst! This could be the reason, like the equally, or even worse episode ‘Code of Honor’ earlier in the season, this episode has only one First Edition card sourced from it (and although ‘Code of Honor’ has a few Second Edition cards, it has none for First Edition). The card from ‘Angel One’ is Premiere’s Matriarchal Society. It’s not a bad Dilemma though and some Affiliations, such as early Romulan, and especially the Ferengi, can have a terrible time getting past it – especially if a Female's Love Interest or two are seeded beforehand. But with only one card from the episode, (although you could argue that Patrol Neutral Zone could apply here as the Enterprise is ordered to do just that) it does mean I’m allowed to introduce a new Dream card based on this ‘new civilisation’:

New Civilisations (Objective)
Seeds or plays on table. Each time your unique Personnel uses either Anthropology or Diplomacy to complete a unique Planet Mission, stop Personnel to place a token here (limit one per Mission). When 3 tokens are here, score 10 points and discard Objective.
(This Objective mirrors one of the core values of Star Trek and plays very thematically with the Federation Affiliation but other Affiliations can also find ways to use it.)

Seed Cards: A player is usually allowed to seed a maximum of 30 cards. Since the solo game has automatic Dilemma seeding however, as well as having Battle Bridge, Q Continuum and Alternate Universe side-decks that are not controlled by the player, I am using a strict 8 card maximum on seed cards.

Season One TNG Personnel: It seems to me that with the exception of Tasha Yar (not a brilliant card and who is certainly missing the ‘not conceived yet’ Transporter Skill), the Premiere TNG bridge crew cards represent the main characters from about Season 3 onwards of the show rather than when it began (if nothing else, the uniforms are different). By this time, the characters had established both themselves and their roles aboard the Enterprise. In Season 1 however, some of those roles, particularly Geordi and Worf, but also Wesley, were certainly very different. When the Continuing Committee released The Next Generation in 2012, new versions of Data, Geordi La Forge and Deanna Troi were created to represent their Season 1 TNG personas (and in Troi’s case a much better card), akin to the cards produced for the Second Edition Necessary Evil expansion from 2004. That set also had cards for Will Riker, Beverly Crusher and Worf, and the Second Edition set already had a Season 1 TNG Wesley Crusher. Since us poor First Edition players are still waiting for corresponding cards of those characters, but we do have a promo of Jean-Luc Picard from ‘Encounter at Farpoint’, I present my versions of the other 4 Personnel:

William T. Riker
Two small tweaks, reducing his INT to 7 and replacing Diplomacy with Anthropology.

Beverly Crusher
Only a small tweak, reducing her CUN to 7.

A lot of changes happened to Worf over the first 3 seasons of TNG, most notably his promotion to Security Chief when Tasha died, but also his growth as a diplomat. His Season 1 persons is very different to that of Premiere with OFFICER Classification, a Staff rather than Command Icon, skills being Honor, Computer Skill, Navigation, and SECURITY, with stats of 7/5/9 respectively.

Wesley Crusher
The Wesley of Premiere depicts him at the helm of the Enterprise as a full Ensign but when TNG started he was just a talented kid in a woolly jumper so I’ve made him a CIVILIAN with no Staff Icon, the same skills as listed, but with stats of 6/7/4.

Next time, I’m discussing the introduction of ‘Computer Cores’, my new Affiliation-themed side-deck idea for storing your downloadable cards and as an alternative to Q’s Tent.

My re-watch of Star Trek continues - I’ve just finished watching Season 6 of TNG and Season 1 of DS9 and am about to start a ‘first-time’ watch of Star Trek: Discovery. I Tweet my episode reviews on Twitter- so if you're interested in what I think about Season 6, Follow me - @DWSSG01.

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