Posted July 24th 2018 by CardGameGeek

In New Structure Deck and Booster Set

This fall, zombies and other creatures that can return to life will be featured in two new Yu-Gi-Oh!  titles:  The Zombie Horde Structure Deck, releasing on November 2, and the Hidden Summoners Booster Set, releasing on November 16.

Building on the Zombie World Field Spell, the Zombie Horde Structure Deck features an entire horde of the undead, allowing players to summon their boss monster back from their Graveyard and transform all monsters in the field to zombies.  A new spell even allows a player to force their opponent’s monsters to join their zombie horde.

Zombie Horde will be a pre-constructed 41 card Main Deck with a single card Extra Deck.  The set includes 37 common cards, 3 Super Rare cards, and 2 Ultra Rare cards, plus a Beginner’s Guide and a double-sided game mat.

The Hidden Summoners Booster Set features three deck themes, all based on combinations of Link Summoning and other forms of Special Summon.  One theme offers zombie Synchro Monsters inspired by Japanese myths that have the ability to summon previous Synchro Monsters from the sequence back into play for extra effects.  The second theme focuses on the Sacred Phoenix of Nepththys, and allows players to destroy their own cards to generate special effects.  The third uses innocent-seeming Fusion and Link Monsters that can split apart and recombine as needed.

There will be a total of 60 cards in the Hidden Summoners set, including 40 Super Rares and 20 Secret Rares, available in five-card booster packs.

The new structure deck and booster set will follow on the heels of the Soul Fusion Booster Set, releasing in October.