Posted February 8th 2019 by Rahvin

Plus Teases for Upcoming Releases

Upper Deck Entertainment announced the Spring and Summer 2019 Featured Formats for its Vs. System 2 Player Card Game, as well as teasing upcoming releases for the game.

The Spring 2019 Featured Format will be Singularity, which runs April 1 – June 30. The Marvel multiverse is shrinking – there can be only one (character, equipment, plot twist card) in each timeline. Main Characters which have more than one copy, like MCU Ultron are exempt from the “one copy” rule. Players can still have four of each basic and special location cards.  Regular Illustrated and Photographic Universe rules apply.

The Summer Featured Format is Children of the Atom, and the season runs from July 1 through September 30. Mutants are all around, will you fight for or against them? Players must use a Main Character from the Brotherhood or X-Men faction, or from either of the two new teams featured in the Children of the Atom Arc releases including the 200-card Battles Box in May, the 55-card Heroes Expansion in Juneor the 55-card Villains Expansion in July. The new Arc’s teams and cards will be announced at a later date.

Upper Deck changed the distribution model for the game in February 2018 to allow for more frequent releases and a more dynamic organized play experience (see “New 'VS System' Release Format Finalized”). The publisher also partnered with Cascade Games LLC to expand organized play events beyond game stores and limited convention play (see “Upper Deck Expands 'Vs' Organized Play Events”).

Upper Deck shared information on upcoming releases for the Infinity War Arc last week (see “'Vs System' Begins 'Infinity War Arc'”).

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