Posted February 4th 2019 by Rahvin

To Introduce New Players

Wizards of the Coast is offering a demo kit to retailers for its Transformers Trading Card Game, arriving on March 1.

Wizards Play Network (WPN) member stores in the U.S. may sign up for WPN Promotion: Transformers TCG Demo Kit in the Wizards Event Reporter to receive two Autobots Starter Set demo copies. Each Starter Set is intended as an introduction to the game for two players, or as a ready-to-play deck for advanced play.

WOTC recommends using the product to help new players jump into the game, and after the demo, to run a casual league experience to introduce players to the new set, Rise of the Combiners (see “Next 'Transformers TCG' Expansion Features Foldable Combining Cards”), and in-store play opportunities.

WOTC launched limited event organized play for the game not long after it debuted last fall (see “'Transformers TCG' Introduces New OP Formats”).

Original article published by ICv2.