So, I’m a New/Old First Edition Player, Mirror Universe Edition
Posted March 20th 2018 by CardGameGeek
In this series, I will show off some beginner level decks that people have sent to me.  Today’s deck is admiralgary’s “Eternal Sorrow 1.0” deck.  I’ll start off by thanking Paddy for sending me this deck, along with one other.  I also got suggestions from Brian Sykes and James Heaney.  Thanks to you both!


The Regent's Flagship

I started off this analysis by reminding myself that this deck is legal for OTF, which means you have to do a mission in the Alpha Quadrant or score 140 points.  Right away I noticed there is only 1 AQ mission, so I’m definitely going to Investigate Alien Probe if I ever build this deck.  The two missions I would probably solve in the Mirror Quadrant are Replenish Workforce and Monitor Population.  You’ll have 100 points altogether with those three missions.  Search for Rebels is an important card, as it allows you to get Emblem of the Alliance.  Seek Knowledge Cache seems to have a broken link when it references Memory Omega. (Is that an homage to thiswebsite?)  Finally, you could also do Test Warship, as you’ll easily have our Regency One in this deck.

Other Seeds

Reshape the Quadrant gets out The Regent’s Flagship as one of your major play engines.  It gets out Regency 1 and allows your KCA personnel to play aboard, for free if they are [1E-DS9] [Car] or [1E-DS9] [Kli].  You can also download non-[NA] KCA leaders with it.  Your Defend Homeworld download is Nu’Tal and and your mission specialists are Zetal and Atul.  The latter two personnel can be used to fuel Study Divergent History which is a pretty good draw engine.  Finally, you’ll want to use The First Stable Wormhole to get both Bajoran Wormhole and its mirror version.

For dilemmas, I like how Spaceborne Entity can pair up with your Battle Bridge Side Deck.  You can wreak havoc on your opponent’s part of the spaceline and you can sit snug in the [MQ], waiting for it to dissipate its wrath.  I think this works because it attacks ships on the spaceline and that’s what triggers the BBSD.  There are a lot of other dilemmas that damage ships, but they don’t trigger the BBSD because they don’t specify ship battle.  The only tactic in the deck is Photon Torpedo, which can take out a ship with three hits.

Historic Coming Together

Draw Deck

The draw engine for this deck is Historic Coming Together.  It can be downloaded from the Q’s Tent by Captain Lursa or you can draw into the three other ones in the deck itself.  You play this incident on a [MQ] planet mission.  Earth and Luna are good choices, as I was planning on attempting them anyway.  You get to draw a card for each different KCA affiliation personnel you have, and score 5 points if there are more than two.  I count five different affiliations here.  Regent Worf is probably the most important personnel, as he gets out both Taking Charge and Pride of the Fleet.  The former allows you to download Historic Coming Together onto your missions and the latter gives you more card draws.

Last question – how do you get Rinnak Pire out of the Q’s Tent?  I know he’s the commander of the Bajoran Scout Vessel, but I don’t see how that helps things out.  Where’s the Ready Room Door to get him aboard?  I’m so confused.

What I’ve Learned from This Deck

My lack of Rinnak Pire knowledge clearly demonstrates that I don’t know how to play this game.


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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

  • Complete

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

  • OTF

  • Open

  • Revised

  • Warp Speed

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
R 1x Investigate Alien Probe
25 V 1x Monitor Population
40 V 1x Replenish Workforce
36 V 1x Search for Rebels
42 V 1x Seek Knowledge Cache
43 V 1x Test Warship

Seed Deck (30)
3 R 1x "God"
1 R 1x Aggressive Behavior
U 2x Berserk Changeling
R 1x Chula: The Chandra
4 V 1x Chula: The Dice
4 V 2x Disgraceful Assault
4 V 1x Distracted by Thoughts of Home
11 P 2x Female's Love Interest & Garbage Scow
5 V 1x Forsaken
7 V 1x Friendly Fire
8 V 1x Gomtuu Shock Wave
4 V 1x Maquis Vendetta
4 V 1x Nanobiogenic Fugitives
14 V 2x Rules of Obedience
R 1x Scout Encounter
11 V 1x Spaceborne Entity
23 C 1x Spatial Rift
25 R 1x The Cloud
1 V 1x Battle Bridge Door
1 V 1x Q's Tent
15 V 1x The First Stable Wormhole
39 V 1x Klingon Empire Outpost
108 VP 1x Reshape the Quadrant
18 V 1x Assign Mission Specialists
28 V 1x Defend Homeworld
51 V 1x Study Divergent History

Draw Deck (44)
68 U 1x Auto-Destruct Sequence
39 C 1x Remember the Alamo
U 1x Wormhole Navigation Schematic
47 V 3x Historic Coming Together
49 R+ 1x Bareil
52 V 1x Bor Kaffe
53 V 1x Jalota Mar
31 V 1x Javek Len
34 V 1x Romara Cal
35 V 1x Taymar Bern
54 V 1x The Intendant (Crossover)
64 V 1x Nizari
58 C 3x Aramax
59 C 2x Dorza
38 V 1x Overseer Mardel
39 V 1x Security Chief Garak
56 V 1x Trepar
7 V 1x Overseer Odo
58 V 1x Mr. Brunt
59 V 1x Mr. Nog
145 VP 1x Mr. Quark
62 V 1x Captain B'Etor
65 V 1x Captain Lursa
63 V 1x Korvek
67 V 1x Regent Worf (Crossover)
95 U 1x Rinox
65 V 1x Rukor
66 V 1x T'Vor
67 V 1x Telok
68 V 1x Vartoq
40 V 1x 0413-Theta
68 VP 1x Ezri
103 R+ 1x Fontaine
105 R+ 1x Professor Sisko
72 V 2x Selot
73 V 1x Smiley (Crossover)
124 C 1x Alliance K'Vort
77 V 1x Ya'Vang

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
16 C 1x Classic Disruptor
4 V 1x El-Aurian Phaser
C 1x Klingon Disruptor
137 VP 1x Kukalaka
47 U 1x Captain's Log
55 VP 1x Defiant Dedication Plaque
50 U 1x Lower Decks
17 V 1x Pride of the Fleet
28 V 1x Taking Charge
47 V 1x Historic Coming Together
C 1x Rinnak Pire
66 V 1x Nu'Tal
U 1x Bajoran Scout Vessel

Battle-Bridge Side Deck (10)
C 10x Photon Torpedo

"outside the game" (8)
12 V 1x Bajoran Wormhole
3 VP 1x Bajoran Wormhole: Mirror Universe
17 V 1x Emblem of the Alliance
139 VP 1x The Art of Diplomacy
29 V 1x The Regent's Flagship
U 1x Atul
C 1x Zetal
79 V 1x Regency 1


by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

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