Posted December 19th 2018 by Rahvin

Sourcebook, Three 'Adversary Decks'

Fantasy Flight Games is bringing its Android setting to the Genesys role playing game with the new Shadow of the Beanstalk sourcebook and three Adversary Decks.

Android:  Shadow of the Beanstalk will be a 256-page hardcover sourcebook that describes the Androidsetting as well as the rules players will need to create characters for use with the Genesys system (see “Fantasy Flight Introduces ‘Genesys’ RPG”).  The book also includes rules for new weapons, equipment and adversaries as well as new rule for running the net.  MSRP is $49.95.

To support the new sourcebook, Fantasy Flight is also releasing three decks of cards featuring non-player characters and villains for use with the game.  Each card has an image of the character plus stats for the Genesys system.  The decks are themed, and include both new characters and characters described in the Shadow of the Beanstalk book and other games set in the Android universe.  The three decks are:

  • Androids, Drones, and Synthetics Adversary Deck

  • Citizens of New Angeles Adversary Deck

  • Runners, Mercs, and Criminals Adversary Deck.

Each deck is MSRP $6.95 and includes 20 cards.

Genesys has been a quick hit for FFG, peeking in at the number 5 spot on ICv2’s list of top-selling roleplaying games last spring (see “Top 5 Roleplaying Games--Spring 2018”).  A modified version of the system is used in the new Legend of the Five Rings system as well (see “First ‘L5R RPG’ Title From FFG”).

Original article published by ICv2.