Second Edition Errata
Posted March 2nd 2019 by Rahvin
The following article has been cross-posted from the Continuing Committee.

The Enemy of My Enemy receives errata today.

Design knew this card would be powerful, but it went beyond everyone’s expectations.  Several groups had house rules to curb, or outright ban, this card.  Lasting until the end of the mission attempt is a big deal, especially when compared to other cards that add skills and attributes, such as Comfort Women and Covenant.  Those cards became the measuring stick Errata used to fix the card that was making waves.

The team looked at a lot of things to get this tamed down properly so that it was still useful and bot entirely nerfed.  They looked at having the effect last until the end of a dilemma, but Comfort Women didn’t have that issue.  They kept coming back to this being used on any personnel in your discard pile.  There is no restriction there, so you could use it with OneSuper BarclayCrazy Seven.  The list went on and it became apparent that both personnel needed to be of Cardassian affiliation.

That fixed most of the problems, but this being a card game, there were issues with it being used in multiples.  You could still microteam with three (or less!) personnel, which isn’t good for the game.   Remember the targets in the discard pile aren’t removed, so Feast on the Dying could make this even easier.  Covenant circumvents this issue be removing the personnel form the game, but that’s a little more in line with the Bajoran nature of that card.

Playtesting was sent the version you see now, with the extra affiliation icon and removing from the game.  The testers approved.  In fact, they thought that Deep Space Nine or Terok Nor would be even better.  But that’s getting away from errata and into a whole new card entirely.  While it doesn’t sound like a bad card, it is outside the bounds of errata.  They also brought up the idea of having it take effect only when facing a dilemma instead of through the mission attempt, but in the end, that went a little too far.  Errata is careful to fix the card while not regulating it to the binder.

That’s not the only card getting a change today.  Josiah Clark and Masaro each get the keyword of Dissident in addition to Infiltrator. Normally with missions that receive errata just for a name change, we hold off on them to keep some surprises and avoid speculation.  In this case, please speculate away!

This errata is effective immediately.