Posted October 17th 2017 by CardGameGeek

Draft and Sealed Play Supported

Another round of new features are being added to Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars:  Destiny dice and card game with the upcoming release of the Rivals Draft Set, specifically designed to support sealed and draft style events.  The release date has not yet been finalized.

The Star Wars:  Destiny - Rivals Draft Set is a fixed set that includes 20 cards and 9 dice for the game that are designed to work together with random cards and dice from booster packs to create playable decks.  By combining a Rivals Draft Set with six boosters from any Star Wars:  Destiny set, players can participate in events using a new drafting format in which all players draft cards from the boosters that they then combine with their own Rivals set to create playable decks.  A Rivals set can be combined with eight boosters for a sealed event.

In order to work with any combination of cards and dice from the booster packs, the Rivals Draft Setincludes character, support, upgrade, and event cards of every color,  and all cards are legal in constructed play events as well as the new draft and sealed formats.  This release also introduces a new neutral character color with the grey Jawa Scavenger character.  MSRP is $14.95 per set.

The soon-to-release Legacies expansion will also add a number of new mechanics and playing options to Star Wars:  Destiny (see “The Game Changes With New ‘Star Wars:  Destiny’ Starters and Boosters”).

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