Posted December 15th 2017 by CardGameGeek

Rarity Mix Also Announced

Updated details of the upcoming Marvel HeroClix:  X-Men Xavier’s School have been released by WizKids along with product artwork.

Originally announced as X-Men First Class (see “‘X-Men First Class’ Registers for ‘Marvel HeroClix’”), the X-Men Xavier’s School set includes a variety of characters from the history of the X-Men, and will be available in Booster Bricks and Fast Forces sets, and will be supported by a Dice & Token Packand a Release Day Organized Play Kit.

In addition to new artwork, WizKids has also announced the rarity mix for the new set, which will include 18 common (plus 1 prime), 16 uncommon (plus 1 prime), 16 rare (plus 1 prime), and 12 super rare (plus 1 prime) figures, as well as 15 common ID cards and 10 rare ID cards. 6 chase figures will round out the set.

Original Article published by ICv2.