New Update for January 24, 2020
Posted January 24th 2020 by Rahvin
It's been awhile since we've done a proper site update new post but they're back! We're back in full swing on work now and have some updates in place today to address!

Star Trek CCG players, both First and Second Edition, we are now entirely caught up on sets for both of you. The Cage and Q Who? have both been added for First Edition and A Less Perfect Union, Sacrifice of Angels, and Inheritance have all been added for Second Edition. Additionally, we've created an "expansion" for the amazing new borderless promos from the Continuing Committee. As these particular cards are being physically made and handed out by the Continuing Committee, we've elected to mark them in our database in such a way that you can track having them in your collection; this will allow you to list them in your Collections, Wishlists, and Tradelists.

For Star Wars CCG players, we've also finally gotten around to adding Virtual Set 11 - this has been a long time coming and we apologize for taking so long to get it up. We still need to properly align some of the card images and still need to generate a couple of the images which are (currently) broken on the Player Committee site. We're actively keeping an eye on Virtual Set 12 in an effort to get it up much quicker than this set. Please note: we have not yet added the memorial cards for John Anderson as, at the time we did our update, they were not listed in the Player Committee's SLA; we'll be adding them in to our own database shortyl.

Additionally, a number of bug fixes were implemented across the site, particularly with regards to search decks. We also fixed a number of issues with cards across various games that had been reported in the last few weeks that we hadn't had time to update yet.

Should you find any issues, please use the contact button in the sidebar to let us know - or, better yet, come chat with us on Discord and let us know directly!