New Starters review, no spoilers
Posted January 26th 2019 by Rahvin
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No, I’m not talking about the next Game of Thrones episodes.
This isn’t about the sexual revelations of your favourite celebrities either.


At last !! Yes, some of us have been waiting quite a long time for that, so it deserves several exclamation marks.

And not only for us old timers, who always long for new cards, but even more so for all the players waiting in the shadows, but complaining that there was no easy entry in the game, or that they wouldn’t play a “dead” game. Well, be-atches, here come the 4 NEW STARTERS !! It’s time to go on a…

This being said, just having new starters doesn’t mean much. The old ones were helpful to start a collection, but were really unplayable in and of themselves, and seldom contained all the cards you really needed. It worked when we were all ready to open tons of boosters to get what we wanted, but it just isn’t possible in 2019.

So, what are the new decks worth ? And what impact can we expect on the old and the new players ?

Well, I must say the lists came as a shock even during the playtests. In all the history of VTES we had never seen such preconstructed decks ! The goal of Black Chantry here is obvious : give good cards to old players, and give strong starting decks to the new ones.

Before spoiling anything in the following articles, let me just say that :

  • The starters could all be played shamelessly as they are. Of course they wouldn’t be optimised, but they would stand a chance in casual games, and I know players who come to our friendly sessions with much, much worse !

  • They are all (well all but one…) based on Tier1 concepts. To become really competitive they only need some small changes, sometimes by just taking some cards away (in 77 you can always go down to 60) and eventually by adding some staples.

  • They contain cards that used to be very hard to find or expensive, some in insane amounts (yes, now you know which ones, some of you are already bitching about it)!

  • They are more or less balanced between themselves.

  • They are Sabbat-themed, and include nothing outside of Sabbat. That also means no card that affects Camarilla, Anarchs or Independents. This, of course, to keep it simple for newcomers.

From all that we can gather that the future of the game we love so much is going to be bright. I personally will buy 1 or 2 of each, and for a new player I recommend 2 of those he or she is interested in (probably 2 of each to get the much needed cards).

We’d have preferred to see 5 decks, to make for a full non-contesting noob table. Apparently it wasn’t feasible this time. Of course it won’t be a problem once the next starters come out.

What else can we say before spoiling ? Well :

  • I love the idea of giving them a name outside of just “Starter of clan X”, it gives a flavour when you play them, and the names are well thought-out.

  • The new art is GORGEOUS ! Of course, the art of the recent expansions has had a very high level compared to the old time average, but here Black Chantry really made an effort and I like it. I’m sorry to say that even that Fiend looks absolutely handsome, thanks to Carmen Cornet, and I do want to hate all fiends but… First I’ll fall in love with that one ok ?!

That will be all for right now, but come back soon to read all about the upcoming Lasombra Starter deck!!