Posted June 2nd 2018 by CardGameGeek

The Valhalla Cluster


Force of Will, Inc. has announced a new cluster, Valhalla, for its Force of Will Trading Card Game.  The first releases are planned for September.

There will be five new Starter Decks released on September 7: Light, Fire, Water, Wind, and Darkness.  The game returns to the world of Valhalla, which will be familiar to long-time players of the game. In response to player feedback, Rulers will now be independent of the booster packs. Each Starter Deck will contain two (of 10) Rulers, which players will use to battle for the next year. The new Rulers each have unique Rune cards, and the power level of the new Runes in further sets will be adjusted based on the performance and usage frequency of the 10 rulers at high-level events, to better balance the game.

Each Starter includes 68 cards: two different Rulers (foil), 40 card main deck (10 sets of 4 cards, 8 of which are foil), 10 Rune cards, 16 Magic Stones. Each deck is playable on it’s own, but it can also be split into two half decks for two player games. The Starter also includes a playsheet, rulesheet, and game manual. Each Display Box includes 5 Starter Decks, each Carton contains 6 Display Boxes.

Pre-Release Kit will be available to retailers for September 7.

The first Booster, New Dawn Rises, will release on September 14. The set will include 40 Commons, 35 Uncomons, 25 Rares, 10 Super Rares, and ??? Secret Rares. Each Booster pack includes 10 cards, which will include at least one foil.  Each Booster Box includes 36 Packs. Each box will include a bonus box with sealed format Rulers, Basic Stones, and Promo Cards. God Packs will make a reappearance with this release. Each box will include approximately 14 SR cards, and a limited PR card. Each Carton of 6 Boxes will include a limited edition rubber play mat. Promos are only available for the first printing of this release.

The fourth booster in the Reiya Cluster for Force of Will releases next week (see “The Time-Spinning Witch Arrives in 'Force of Will'”).


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