Posted December 21st 2018 by Rahvin

Planned for 2019

Munchkin Steampunk Girl Genius Deluxegame, originally released in 2015 (see "Hobby Exclusive ‘Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe’").  The game is a crossover between Steve Jackson’s Munchkin card game and Phil and Kaja Foglio’s long-running Girl Genius steampunk webcomic.  Foglio is providing the art for the expansion, which includes Agatha, along with her friends and foes, plus rules for becoming a Spark and using Mad Science to improve Items to destroy foes, grab their Stuff, and win.

The 56-card tuck box expansion includes 25 Treasure Cards, 31 Door Cards, and 24 Tokens.  The base game is required to play.

The project has funded on Kickstarter, raising around $60,000 as this is written, from 1,303 backers ($45.91 per backer), with 11 days to go.

The Kickstarter is offering a retailer level.  Kickstarter delivery is planned for August 2019.

Original article published by ICv2.