Posted July 24th 2018 by CardGameGeek

In New Booster Set

The naval-inspired characters from KanColle will return to Bushiroad’s Weiss Schwarz Trading Card Game in a new booster expansion called KanColle:  Arrival!  Reinforcement Fleets from Europe!  which will release on November 9.

In KanColle, girls with the spirits of World War II warships seek an Admiral to lead them into battle.  Originally a web-based game, KanColle has inspired manga, light novels, and an anime series.  With this expansion, Weiss Schwarz players can add more of these characters to their game.

The KanColle:  Arrival!  Reinforcement Fleets from Europe!  will have a total of 100 cards, including 25 parallel cards, which will be sold in eight-card booster packs.  Boosters will be available in 20 pack display boxes, and each display box will include one of four possible PR cards.  Signature cards featuring voice talent Yui Horie, Misaki Kuno, Mamiko Noto, Aya Endo, Ari Ozawa, and Ai Kayano will be randomly inserted into some packs.

The cards in this set can be used in decks with cards from earlier KanColle sets (see “New ‘Extra Booster’ for ‘Weiss Schwarz:  KanColle’”).

Each carton of 16 displays will feature two of three possible SP signature versions of existing KanColle cards with autographs from voice actors from the animated series Risa Taneda, Aya Suzaki, or Sarah Emi Bridcutt.  Four rubber playmats will also be included in each carton.

Bushiroad just announced licenses to bring a number of popular anime titles into the Weiss Schwarz game (see “‘Weiss Schwarz’ Adds New Anime Titles”).