Mono no Aware: Rotation in Legend of the Five Rings LCG
Posted May 28th 2019 by Rahvin

The Pathos of Things

Last week, Fantasy Flight Games announced the rotation plans for their current Living Card Game, Legend of the Five Rings.

As opposed to previously announced rotation plans for their other card games, Fantasy Flight spoke of a much more aggressive rotation policy for their samurai fantasy game: beginning with the release of the first pack of the fifth cycle, the first two cycles of the game - the Imperial Cycle and the Elemental Cycle - will be removed from legality for organized play. Going forward, that will mean there will only ever be three or four cycles legal for organized play at any point, depending on the current release schedules. Those cycles will be accompanied the game's Core Set and the most recent Clan Pack for each clan (an indicator that these special packs will be iterated upon in the future).

Additionally, Fantasy Flight has announced that the game will occasionally feature Rotation Events. Rotation Events will see certain Premium Expansions (such as Children of the Empire, released earlier this year) rotate from the organized play pool as well. While no information was provided as to when we might see the first of these Rotation Events, Fantasy Flight has stated that players can expect no more than one such event per year and that they will be announced well in advance of the actual event.

Although this information comes far before the game's actual rotation, which won't occur until mid-2020 at the earliest, many players will welcome the news as it has been a frequently asked question about the game's future.

More information and the full announcement article can be found at Fantasy Flight's official announcement.