In a Time of Ancient Gods: Xena Database Now Live
Posted September 16th 2019 by Rahvin
As usual, we fell a little behind on the mark for when we intended to release this one but our next game is live!

In the late 1990s, Wizards of the Coast created a Magic-lite ruleset that it intended to use for a number of cards games. Called the ARC System, the rules were attached to a number of licensed properties and three games in total were released, each technically compatible with the others. The second of these games was the most popular - Xena: Warrior Princess - and was the only to receive an expansion.

It's also the first of the ARC games to receive a database from us - with the others coming soon of course!

Click here to check out the database!

As usual, the database is a living work; we're always open to revising and correcting errors - especially with an older game such as this where there's not very much documentation for it anymore. If anything is incorrect, feel free to use the reporting tool available in the bottom right hand of each card's popup to report a card directly or you can use our contact link in the sidebar to get ahold of us directly.

Work still continues apace on the next few databases and we're hoping to get one a week up for the next few weeks (give or take a couple days every week). That general update on the site and the future plans is still in the works, we promise!

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