Posted August 11th 2017 by CardGameGeek
Force of Will TCG Advent of the Demon KingThe Force of Will Trading Card Game’s new Reiya Clusterblock will receive its second installment on December 8 when Force of Will, Inc. releases Advent of the Demon King.

Advent of the Demon King continues the themes and storylines of the first Reiya Cluster set, Ancient Nights, which will release in September (see "'Force of Will: Reiya Cluster – Ancient Nights'").

Like the previous set, Advent of the Demon King features the new booster format, designed to facilitate draft-style gameplay.  Basic J/ruler cards and basic Magic Stones will not appear in the boosters.  Instead each display box will include one 5-card J/ruler pack and a 30-card basic Magic Stone pack.  In addition, the first print run of the new expansion will be packaged in upgraded display boxes that are designed to double as card storage boxes.

The new expansion set will include a total of 163 cards, including the J/ruler cards and Magic Stone cards.  Cards will be packaged in 10-card booster packs, which are available in 36-pack display boxes.  Force of Will, Inc. is also offering limited edition promo cards with each display, and robber playmats with the purchase of three displays.

Reiya Cluster 02 Pre-release Kit will also be offered, for stores that want to host an event during the weekend of December 1-3.  Each kit includes 72 Advent of the Demon King boosters, 12 exclusive promo cards, and 2 exclusive playmats.  Each kit can support 8 to 12 players.

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