'Force of Will: Alice Origin' Starter and Booster Deets
Posted August 30th 2019 by Rahvin

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Force of Will, Inc. will release Force of Will: Alice Origin, a set that begins a new cluster for the trading card game, on November 22.

The booster set will feature 147 cards, including 29 Normal; 19 Rare; 19 Super Rare; 80 Memorial; and Basic Magic Stones. A limited PR card per box will be available for preorders. Each booster pack includes 10 cards, with each box containing 20 packs. Every carton will contain 8 boxes.

Alice Origins: Faria Starter Deck and Alice Origins: Melgis Starter Deck will release with the booster set. Each starter will contains 61 cards: one Ruler card, 10 kinds cards each in main deck (four each), two kinds of Special Magic Stones (four each), one Basic Magic Stone card, a random 5 cards (two each), and an unnamed additional card. Each display box comes with 5 decks.

Force of Will, Inc. detailed the Alice Origin Prerelease Kits earlier this week (see “‘Force of Will: Alice Origin’ Prerelease Kits”).

Original article by ICv2.