Fixes Recap: March 7th, 2020
Posted March 8th 2020 by Rahvin

Hey, folks! Rahvin here - welcome to our first weekly recap of bug fixes and minor updates for the site. As a reminder, you can follow these updates as they happen by keeping track of my update feed on Twitter. As this account is used solely for Card Game Geek, all tweets will be related to updates and fixes on the site.

For: March 1st, 2020 through March 7th, 2020

March 1st
  • MapleStory iTCG and Doomtrooper CCG go live
  • known bugs include the online page for these games not displaying correctly and the Harry Potter footer incorrectly displaying
  • a bug causing the two new games to display incorrect metadata was corrected
March 2nd
  • missing images the Jr. Cerebes and Game Champion cards in Maple Story iTCG has been corrected
  • the footer of the new games has been fixed, displaying correct information
  • a mention of Capcom in the Harry Potter footer has been removed
March 3rd
  • the "report card" modal is now properly functioning for both new games
  • fixed a bug causing the user profile to crash when it tried to load data from the new games
  • put a temporary fix in for the menu incorrectly wrapping for long user names; errors may still occur for excessively long user names (estimated for >30 characters in length)
  • made changes to the CSS for displaying cards in all databases to correct an error occurring for some guests; a forced refresh may be necessary to get the new CSS file
  • corrected an error where the list/deck selector was disappearing after viewing a card detail modal on MapleStory and Doomtrooper
  • fixed additional spacing issues that remained after the CSS update for some users on MapleStory and Doomtrooper
  • fixed a major bug causing issues when attempting to view shared lists for MapleStory and Doomtrooper; an issue with correctly displaying the numbers of each card on a user's list remains (non-documented fix)
March 4th
  • resources document for MapleStory are now available
  • rulebook is now available for Doomtrooper under resource documents
March 5th
  • fixed an error with MapleStory and Doomtrooper when attempting to view a deck that did not have any cards in any given section of that deck
  • updated routing files for games using the new codebase
March 7th
Known Outstanding Fixes from This Week
  • Online pages for MapleStory, Doomtrooper, and Terminator are still returning errors
  • Correct numbers in users' lists for MapleStory, Doomtrooper, and Terminator when attempt to view a shared list are still incorrect

The first week of the new codebase for games some some a number of fixes to attempt to clean up lingering errors. A couple of bugs remain but did not stop us from launching a third game on the codebase this weekend. Estimated time for the outstanding fixes from this last week is March 9th, 2020.

With the new codebase looking relatively stable, we're going to go forward with the beginning of the conversions for the previous games to the new code once the fixes mentioned above are in place. We're aiming to translate two games a week over the coming weeks - though that value may change depending on the complexity of the games in question. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

See you next week!