Posted November 25th 2017 by CardGameGeek

'Release Event' and 'Day of Wreckoning'

Steve Jackson Games has announced the first two organized play events for its upcoming Munchkin Collectible Card Game. The company will sponsor a “Release Event” during the weekend of March 2, followed by the “Day of Wreckoning” event on April 6.

The Release Event will be held during the weekend of March 2 - 4. Stores that sign up to participate in the event will be listed on the Munchkin CCG website and on Steve Jackson’s social media feeds, and will also receive a free poster to promote the event.

Stores that also pre-order at least one case of boosters will receive a free Munchkin Collectible Card Game Organized Play Kit which includes 32 copies of a neutral Hero card, 16 copies each of two different prize cards, 4 copies of a unique promotional item, a poster, and suggestions for how to run an event. Kits can also be purchased by qualified retailers direct from Steve Jackson.

About a month after the game hits the streets, the second event, called the Day of Wreckoning will be held, during the weekend of April 6 - 8. Steve Jackson is offering similar support for stores that choose to join in. This event is intended to include in-store tournaments, and participating stores can decide whether to run them as constructed-deck or draft-style events.

The Munchkin Collectible Card Game was revealed at Gen Con earlier this year (see “‘Munchkin CCG’ Unveiled at Gen Con”). It is scheduled to release in February.

Original Post published on ICv2.