Posted July 18th 2017 by CardGameGeek
As reported on the official Final Fantasy TCG North America Facebook page :

We have an announcement regarding the release date of Opus III.

Unfortunately, due to factors outside of the control of Square Enix and GTS, product shipments have been delayed while on their way to our distribution hubs.

FFTCG is printed for multiple regions simultaneously to insure that all regions are receiving the same high quality product. Because of this commitment to a unified, high quality product, we import from overseas to North America.

As many of you may have heard, there have been ongoing strikes at LA Port and subsequent port congestion. The strikes caused many shipments at LA Port to be held up, including the entirety of North America’s Opus III shipment.

We’ve tried everything we possibly could to get it to retailers in time for the deadline, as we didn’t want to have to delay Opus III, especially a delay only affecting North America. That said, the shipments are currently moving again, and us at Square Enix are working closely with our exclusive distribution partner, GTS, to make the wait as short as possible.

Based on that, the new release date of Opus III for North America is August 4th, 2017. We believe this will assure that all retailers will be able to receive Opus III at the same time, so no retailer is given special treatment over another.

We apologize for this delay. Moving forward we’ll do everything within our power to make sure there’s a unified global release for FFTCG sets, and plan better for any unforeseen circumstances like this one. Thank you all for all of your support of FFTCG, and we hope this provided some clarity for the current situation.