Posted July 19th 2018 by CardGameGeek

Booster Introduces 'Mods'

The next expansion set for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars:  Destiny card and dice game, Across the Galaxywill release in November.

Across the Galaxy will be the concluding expansion for the Legacies block (see “FFG Teases New ‘Star Wars:  Destiny’ Releases”), and is designed to build on the themes and mechanics of other sets in the block, including negative value plots, cards that spot specific characters, and a focus on vehicles.

The set will include a number of cards and dice designed to enhance neutral characters, and can be used in both light side and dark side teams.  New vehicles, including the iconic TIE Fighter are also featured, and all vehicles can benefit from the “Mod” upgrades that appear for the first time in this set.  Mods can be attached to vehicles to give them new or improved abilities.

Star Wars:  Destiny - Across the Galaxy will include a total of 160 new cards for the game.  It will be sold in booster packs, each with 5 cards and 1 die, with an MSRP of $2.99 per pack.

The new set will follow the Way of the Force expansion, which released earlier this month (see “‘Star Wars:  Destiny’ Release Dates”).