Posted July 19th 2018 by CardGameGeek

For Stores Joining Budokai Card Club

The first anniversary of the launch of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game is coming up in July, and Bandai is encouraging retailers to join its Budokai Card Club organized play program by offering free t-shirts.

The Budokai Card Club gives retailers access to promotional materials and events to support in-store play of Dragon Ball Super.  Through the program’s web portal, retailers can request information, order free tournament kits, and schedule events in their store that will be promoted on the official program web site.  Members can also get access to exclusive offers, including pre-release sales, special tournaments, and prize support.

As the game enters its second year, Bandai is trying to increase retailer support for the program.  As an extra incentive, for a limited time, retailers who join the Budokai Card Club will receive free t-shirts with the Dragon Ball Super Card Gamelogo.  Retailers who are already members can also request shirts.  Only a limited supply will be available, and they are offered on a first-come-first-served basis only to stores in the continental United States.  Deliver of the free shirts is expected to occur in September.  As promotional items, sale of the t-shirts is strictly prohibited.

Bandai will be launching a new series of starters and boosters for the game this fall (see “‘Dragon Ball Super Card Game’ Starts New Series”).