Posted November 18th 2017 by CardGameGeek

Kit for Drafting Tournaments

Bandai is offering a new way for players to get the Dragon Ball Super Card Game needed for playing draft-style tournaments:  the Draft Box, releasing on December 8.

Designed specifically for draft-style play, each Draft Boxcomes with a dozen Dragon Ball Super Card Gamebooster packs drawn from the two booster sets currently available:  12 Galactic Battle (Series 1) packs and 12 Union Force (Series 2) packs.  In addition, the Draft Box includes four copies of an exclusive leader card, rules for drafting tournaments, and an official Tournament Pack Vol. 1 for the winner.

There will be a total of four different leader cards available randomly in Draft Boxes:  Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Gotenks.  Each Draft Box will include four copies of one of the four possible leaders.

Draft Boxes will be available in four-count displays.

Dragon Ball Super Series 3 boosters and starters will be released next March (see “‘Dragon Ball Super Card Game’ Back for ‘Series 3’”).

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