Posted July 26th 2017 by CardGameGeek
Konami Digital Entertainment will release two new sets for its Yu-Gi-Oh!  Trading Card Game in November:  The Cyberse Link Structure Deck and the Spirit Warrior Special Booster set.

The Cyberse Link Structure Deck features new Link Summoning combos, including three new monsters:  Binal Sorceress, Tri-Gate Wizard, and Encode Talker, all of which appear in the set as foil cards.  A number of harder-to find cards are also included, such as Jester Confit, Cosmic Cyclone, Storming Mirror Force, and Dimensional Barrier.

Cyberse Link is a 43-card fixed deck that includes 38 common, 2 Ultra Rare, and 3 Super Rare cards, along with a game mat and a Beginner’s Guide to the game.  It will be released on November 3.

Spirit Warriors - Yu Gi Oh TCG - BoosterDesigned to take advantage of recent updates to the Yu-Gi-Oh!  game, Spirit Warriors will be a 60-card booster pack set with 40 Super Rares and 20 Secret Rares.  This set features the Six Samurai, with new versions of those characters, a new Fusion Monster, and new abilities for them to use.  The new cards in this set will be fully compatible with the original Six Samurai cards as well.

The Spirit Warriors Special Boosters will release November 17.

The new sets will release on the heels of the Circuit Break Booster Box, scheduled for October 20 (see “‘Circuit Break’ Booster Set Joins ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!  TCG’”).

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