CCG Market Guide – Part 3: eBay – Introduction
Posted July 3rd 2018 by Rahvin
Welcome back to this new episode of the market guide for our beloved “dead” Card Games.

Today we are going to tackle the biggest marketplace of all: eBay.

It’s a huge topic and while most people feel they know it pretty well, I am pretty sure that at least a few details will be totally new.

Let’s start going through the Seller approach. While it is more complex it will put the basis to better understand the platform when you are the buyer.

Also keep in mind that this article is deep enough and aimed mostly at Amateur sellers or higher...some stuff just doesn't apply at the occasional seller, but you will still get a lot of useful info out of this.

Note: I thought to cover the topic in one go, but when I finished writing the draft I quickly realized that 15 pages might be a bit too much to digest at once :) So I will break this guide into 4 articles: Introduction, How to Sell, Shipment, Conclusions.

Selling on eBay

There is a wide variety of seller on eBay:
  • Players/Collectors randomly dropping their extras/collection once in a while to make a few extra bucks
  • Amateur sellers
  • Professional CCGs seller
  • Professional seller specialized in one/few games
  • Professional seller specialized on a Franchise, that often might include CCG (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc)
  • Professional seller of unrelated items that randomly drop CCG lots
  • And more...

Regardless of were you stand in the above list you’ll need to know the in and out of the platform to get the most out of it.

Keep in mind this, if you plan to be anything from the Amateur seller onwards, selling on eBay (and in general) will be a tremendous task and the biggest time sink you can think of... I am experiencing this on my own skin so take my words for good. So you have to make your own research...

Where to sell

First step is to understand where the market for the Game/s you are going to sell lies. This will tell you if it's better list your items on or

Regardless where you are located, I suggest you to NOT list through other eBay marketplaces.

Main reason is visibility:

Listing on UK or US allow you, not only to have the base visibility of one of the biggest marketplace, but when listing, for a small extra (0,12$-0,61$) to have full visibility on the other one.

This is an option not available on FR, IT, DE, NL or ES as far as I know.

Another thing to consider, and more often than not should make you leaning towards the US version, is that all the countries without a dedicated eBay, are automatically redirected to the US version.

The only reason to choose UK version is if you are located in Europe and everything you sell have major market in UK.

Choosing a marketplace different than the one offered in your country bring also some other pro and con I will note in the next articles.

How well does the Game sells

Then you need to know how the Game/s you are going to sell perform:

 1) How many Items sold in the last 2-3 months ?

You can understand how well a game is performing by searching for that game on eBay and apply the "Items Sold" filter. The more items are shown in this list, the more likely the game as a good following on eBay.

This will also help you understand what people are actually ok to pay and avoid you thinking that shiny looking common you have 30 copies of is worth 200$ because someone is trying to deceive people with basic psychological tricks. Let them know Jedi Mind Tricks don't work on you...

2) Is your game a crowded or a niche market?

If the former, how many people are selling it?

Are the prices competitive, high end or very low on average? (see Items Sold for reference if you don't have anything else)

Can you make a profit by cutting the best offer?

Usually a high number of competitors, means you are getting into a mature market, and selling your cards will be easy, assuming the price is right.

If you plan to stay for the long run, you'll also need to do some math to understand if the current market prices for your cards, will net you a profit or not.

If the latter, there’s any market at all?

How many items sold in the last months?

Being in a niche market can be a good thing, assuming there's low to none competition.

If you don't see any card listed nor sold for a game in a long time it can mean 2 things: the game doesn't have a following, and your cards will never sell for more than 1$ OR there's simply scarcity of the product and you can jump in and drive the prices... Monopoly is a GREAT thing when you are the one owning it :)

Please bear in mind these are guidelines I made based on my experience, but are in no way set in stone. Experiment and see what work for you, hands on approach is the best learning experience.

You can check my eBay store and reach out to me via email over the website or through the Facebook page.

Stay tuned for the next article :  CCG Market Guide – Part 4: eBay - How to Sell.

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