Captain's Blog: Too Short a Season
Posted December 8th 2019 by dragoncymru1
“They say the natives have a process there that rejuvenates the body, gives you your youth back…" - Admiral Mark Jameson, ‘Too Short a Season’

This week I’m begging your indulgence as rather than discussing the solo version of the First Edition CCG, I want to share my ideas for some ‘lost’ episodes of Season 2 of TNG and then add some existing cards to them.

Season 2 TNG: I was 21 when this season first aired - hence the above quote about getting your youth back – it was a long time ago! 1n 1988, Hollywood was hit by a strike from the Writer’s Guild that curtailed the Season to 22 episodes rather than the planned, and usual, 26 episodes. We literally had ‘too short a season’. Here are my ideas for the four missing episodes where I’ve tried to give all the regular characters an episode to shine, reflect back on what had gone before, foreshadow changes for Season 3, visit a universe where all the Trek shows have gone except The Next Generation and finally plug a gap in honouring the original series cast.

Hailing Frequencies: It’s well known that actress Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura in the original Star Trek was an inspiration for not only Levar Burton but also for Whoopi Goldberg. Nichelle was also the only original cast member not to have made an appearance in 90’s Trek of some form (Nimoy, Kelly, Doohan in The Next Generation, Shatner and Koenig in ‘Generations’ and Takei in ‘Voyager’), so it seems proper that she appear here.

The episode would concern contact with an alien race from Guinan’s sector of space where communication is impossible using the universal translator so Geordi would have to modify the ship’s systems to modulate correct harmonics (or something). All just an excuse of course to call up Commander Uhura as a Hologram to instruct both Geordi and Guinan in how to do it and get the 3 of them in the same scene

The Fairest of Them All: This would be a 2-part story, TNG’s first since the pilot episode and that wouldn’t be repeated until the end of Season 3. As the title suggests, it would be TNG’s visit to the Mirror Universe. I can’t believe this never happened on TV as it’s a fascinating concept, allows the regulars to have a bit of fun playing different versions of themselves and allows the writer to enjoy killing off a character in a nasty way as it’s all another reality anyway. I know there have been lots of published fiction books and comics where The Next Generation does visit the Mirror Universe but I haven’t read any of them – so this is not me stealing ideas in any way – honest!

My episodes focus on Riker in the Mirror Universe and become embroiled in intrigue and deception as Troi is playing off Mirror Picard and Mirror Riker in a deadly power struggle. Also aboard is a vicious Klingon prisoner – Mirror Worf – who has escaped imprisonment and experimentation torture from Mirror Dr Selar’s laboratory (a return for a favourite character from earlier in the season and the sublime Suzi Plakson). We would see TNG versions of Climbing the Ranks, Agony Booth and Transporter Mixup, as well as some excellent Mirror Personnel cards for Troi, Picard and Selar along the lines of First Officer Spock or Chief Surgeon McCoy.

Infection: The season climax is the sequel to Season 1’s ‘Conspiracy’ that was clearly set up in the episode and yet the parasites never made a return appearance in any Trek show. Here, Wesley is infected by a new parasite Queen and the only way to save him and destroy them is for Data, the only crewmember who cannot be affected, to deliver a virus created by Dr Pulaski that wipes out the entire species. Disgusted by her role in their destruction, Pulaski resigns her commission on the Enterprise. We could have a cameo from Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher, concerned over her son and whom Pulaski turns to for help with the problem. This would set up her return for Season 3 and also gives a reason why Pulaski suddenly disappears without any proper send off or mention. In terms of CCG cards, a TNG version of Alas, Poor Queen perhaps?

So there you go – 4 new episodes that would I believe would finish Season 2 of TNG off with style, action and some fan-pleasing continuity and character progression. I hope you enjoyed reading about my episode ideas and would love to hear any feedback on them.

Next time, I’m back to discussing the solo CCG proper with a new Dream card, another way to select Missions and a massive game report detailing Federation clashes with all 3 other Affiliations!

My viewing of Star Trek continues and I’m currently giving Discovery a first-time watch. I’ve got to half-way through Season 1 and although very different from 90’s Trek, it’s very enjoyable so far. I Tweet my episode reviews on Twitter- so if you're interested in what I think about Season 6, Follow me - @DWSSG01.

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