Captain's Blog: Hide and Q
Posted October 26th 2019 by dragoncymru1
"This is the dressing for a game that we will play." – Q, ‘Hide and Q’

Welcome to the tenth article on my solo STCCG First Edition solo project and what could be more appropriate than introducing the super-being that was there from the start – the irresponsible Q!

Q Continuum Expansion: This was the 3rd full expansion for the CCG, released in 1996 and notable for introducing no less than 2 side-decks, some truly ‘off the wall’ cards and mechanics, and the more usual cards to enhance and add to Affiliations and strategies. Unfortunately, many of the Q cards introduced were, like Q himself, so outlandish that they never actually saw play. Why, for example, would anyone put Gift of the Tormentor or Wesley Gets the Point into a deck? It’s a shame because, again like the TNG episodes they originate from, they are a lot of fun, and hail from a time when playing a CCG was just that – a fun pastime between friends rather than competitive tournament decks. Looking at the decks published on the CC website, it’s very rare to see decks that contain Q Continuum side-decks and a Q-Flash, the Doorway that opens the side-deck, is relegated to the binder. Conversely, the Q’s Tent side-deck has become a staple for nearly every deck, albeit almost always for solely a deposit for your downloads rather than anything else.

Q Continuum Side-deck: In the solo game we can mitigate some of the problems of this deck by making it independently controlled such that both you and the Opponent have to put up equally with Q’s games or can feel the benefit from his playfulness. Seed a Q Continuum side-deck with as many Q cards (dilemmas, events or Interrupts) as you wish, just like the Alternate Universe side-deck, then shuffle 2-3 Q-Flash Doorways in with the Encounter cards which function as normal. You may NOT place a Q-Flash in your Draw deck however.

Used Q cards are placed face up underneath the side deck. When the side deck runs out of face-down Q cards, shuffle the face-up cards and place them face down again underneath the seeded Q-Flash.

When encountering cards from the Q Continuum side-deck, Q Interrupts or Doorways do not count towards the total number of cards. Any cards that have ‘until the next Q-Flash’ replace with a Countdown (3) icon.

Additional Q Cards: These are considered to have a Q Icon and be part of the Q Continuum side-deck: Q, Q2, Res-Q, Q-Net, Drag Net, Q’s Vicious Animal Things, Anti-Time Anomaly and A Second Chance at Life. Any Amanda Rogers cards (including Countermanda), are not part of the Q Continuum as Amanda didn’t know she was a Q. Q cards that refer to Amanda (such as Amanda’s Parents) retain their Q icon however.

Q Card Tweaks: Some Q cards need to be tweaked slightly for the solo game:

The Q Flash immediately ends and any Q dilemmas currently in play are discarded

You may not report any card to this Mission or any Ship present unless you have 2 Diplomacy present or Countdown (3) expires.

Q’s Tent: Before downloads were introduced, this card meant that you could put up to 13 cards (does anyone know why it was 13?) in here and find a way to get them out quicker since your rare cards that you only had 1 copy of could get on the table by playing a Q’s Tent. Since then, and the advent of virtual printing however, the side-deck has become a ‘download home’ so a card doesn’t use up a place in your draw deck.

In the solo game, since I’m trying to keep cards as they function in the usual game (aside from being really turned off by the phoney planet stage-set photo and having such an important staple of a CCG tied to something as narrow as Q), I see no reason why it shouldn’t continue as such. However, I’m also soon going to introduce a new side-deck concept for the solo game that is a thematic alternative to Q’s Tent, so a slightly different use of this card is to put it in the Q Continuum side-deck:

Q’s Tent
When drawn, download any card from your draw deck and immediately reshuffle any used Q cards back into the Continuum side-deck. Place Q’s Tent at the bottom of the Continuum side-deck

Next time I’m discussing everything about Facilities, including HQ cards at Home-world Missions too. My re-watch of Star Trek continues and I’m currently in the middle of Season 6 of TNG and am now a good way into Season 1 of DS9 too. I Tweet my episode reviews on Twitter- so if you're interested in what I think about Season 6, Follow me - @DWSSG01.

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