Captain's Blog: Heart of Glory
Posted January 4th 2020 by dragoncymru1
“I have tasted your heart. You have been with them, but you are still of us. Do not deny the challenge of your destiny.” – Korris, ‘Heart of Glory’

Welcome to the 20th article, and the first for 2020, in my series about creating a solo version of the Star Trek CCG First Edition. This week I’m discussing all things Klingon - from Personnel, Ships and Missions, to key support Events, Objectives and Interrupts – as well as playing the Klingon Affiliation in the solo environment.

Klingon Affiliation: Klingons exist in all the various incarnations of Star Trek, from The Original Series to Discovery, and are a hugely popular part of the mythos. This is especially true after they were redesigned brilliantly with the forehead ridges for ‘The Motion Picture’ and evolved into a culture that is all about battles, glory and honor.

In the CCG they are represented with Personnel that have high STRENGTH, fairly good INTEGRITY but low on CUNNING. They have a good range of skills and Classifications, particularly OFFICERS, Honor and Navigation, but can be short on MEDICAL – perhaps there’s no glory in patching up wounded survivors! The Klingon Affiliation also has no attack restrictions, so can pick a fight with anyone at any time...

Klingon Personnel: A massive selection, from the unique Personnel that have Honor, such as Gowron or Kurn, to Klingons from the treacherous House of Duras, such as Duras or his sisters, Lursa and B’Etor. Klingons also have some very powerful universal Personnel such as B’Somgh, Zegov, Vol’Jin or Qup’ta.

Klingon Ships: The TNG standard is the Vor’cha cruiser which matches the Federation USS Galaxy or the Romulan D’deridex, and there are some unique versions that are even more powerful, such as the Bortas. My favourite however is constructing a K’Vort armada – each Ship only needs a solitary Staff OFFICER to ‘cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!’

Klingon Base Missions: To maximise the commonly available Klingon skills of OFFICER, Navigation and Honor, I often use Reported Activity, Cloaked Mission, Seize Freighter, Impose Order, Fever Emergency, A Good Place to Die, Krios Suppression, Relief Mission and Bat’leth Tournament.

Klingon Incidents & Objectives: There are 2 great ‘warp core’ cards in Legitimate Leader of the Empire, or for Duras fans and if you want to consort with Romulans, Illegitimate Leader of the Empire. Both can seed at the start of the game, along with Expand the Empire. If you want to get the most out of battling then Council of Warriors is an excellent Objective to see play.

Klingon Events and Interrupts: Some great choices that provide theme to Klingon decks and make you proud to be a warrior, such as Heart of Glory, Klingon Right of Vengeance, Klingon Death Yell, Honor Challenge, A Matter of Honor or Arbiter of Succession. All the Interrupts play from Expand the Empire too.

Playing Klingons: It’s very easy to play Klingons thematically and setting up The Great Hall on Qo’noS, arming your warriors with a Bat’leth and sending them off to battle is easy and great fun. A solo game using Klingon Civil War to pitch the Houses of Gowron and Duras against each other could also be terrific!

When playing a Klingon Opponent deck, Klingons are usually reasonable against the Federation, more so than if you’re playing Ferengi, whom Klingons disliked, or especially Romulans, who are the Affiliation’s mortal enemy. If you’re playing the House of Duras as the Opponent, things are quite different of course! I always also look at the skills of a ship’s Commander (OFFICER with highest stats or Leadership) and if they include Treachery decide they would probably be offensive and attack rather than attempting to complete a Mission. Likewise, if a Commander has Honor then I would have them attack less. When it comes to battles, I always think that Klingons are more inclined to go hand-to-hand and beam down an Away Team - especially if they want to die with glory! But I still like creating that K’Vort armada...

Next time, I’m creating a new deck around the Non-Aligned ‘mercenary’ theme that I discussed a few months back based on the TNG episode ‘Gambit’, and putting it up against a Federation deck.

My re-watch of Star Trek continues and I’ve just launched into both Season 7 of The Next Generation and Season 2 of Deep Space 9. I Tweet my episode reviews on Twitter- so if you're interested in what I think about these shows from 20+ years ago, Follow me - @DWSSG01.

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