Bandai Reveals New Sets and a Tournament Kit for 'Naruto Boruto Card Game'
Posted September 3rd 2019 by Rahvin

'Set 3', 'Set 4', and Tournament Kits

Bandai revealed that Set 3, Set 4, and a new Tournament Kit for the Naruto Boruto Card Game, an expandable deck-building game, will be available to retailers in November.

The first of the two new sets, Set 3, will be centered around the long line of Hokages. A Hokage is considered to be the strongest ninja in the Konohagakure village, and the Set 3 game box depicts Senji Hashirama, the first Hokage. The second of the two sets, Set 4, will have a variety of master and student combinations as well as new characters and abilities. Set 3 and Set 4 each come with 54 cards, six double-sized cards, and one turn sequence card. Both sets will retail for $17.99 each.

Bandai also announced Tournament Kits, for the next OP season, available to brick-and-mortar retailers through their Organized Play Support System. The new Kits will have six Tournament Pack Vol. 2 packs and 2 promotional posters. Each of the packs contains two cards per pack, whereas the previous Tournament Pack Vol.1 only contained one card per pack, and feature foil reprint cards.

Along with the two new expansion sets and OP support, Bandai also announced that a reprint run of Set 1 and Set 2 will hit stores in early November (see "Assemble the Best Ninja Team in 'Naruto Boruto Card Game'").

Original article by ICv2.