August 7: Harry Potter TCG Card and Collection Update
Posted August 7th 2019 by Rahvin

Data Update

A data update for the Harry Potter Trading Card Game has been completed, providing text and additional data for 99% of the available cards in the game. That additional data will allow us to include new filters which are planned to be launched by this coming weekend.

Unfortunately, during the data update, an error occurred which has pointed existing collections to non-existent card IDs. While we have a backup of the collections, importing them still has cards pointing to the wrong ID which has lead us to the conclusion that the IDs we originally used on the website were somehow out of sync with the IDs used on the development version of the website. This means that collections will need to be re-entered into the website.

While the problem seems to have been specific to the Harry Potter collections, we're looking into ways to ensure the error does not occur again in the future.