Posted January 11th 2018 by CardGameGeek

In New 'Upgrade Expansion'


Fantasy Flight Games is offering a new format for the upcoming Return to the Night of the Zealot expansion for its popular Arkham Horror:  The Card Game.  This new “Upgrade Expansion” will release in Q2.

Unlike other Arkham Horror:  The Card Game expansions, Return to the Night of the Zealot does not present a new story for players to confront.  Instead it acts as an “upgrade” to the content in the base game, with new variations and challenges, allowing players to use the existing material again in a new way

Return to the Night of the Zealot imagines a loop in time that brings the players back to the original campaign story presented in the Arkham Horror:  The Card Game Core Set called “Night of the Zealot” (see “FFG Releasing Two New Card Games”).  But this time around, things are different, with greater challenges and more powerful adversaries, as well as upgraded player cards and new Acts for all three “Night of the Zealot” scenarios.

The expansion includes 66 new cards, as well as a list of “achievements” that players can try to complete to unlock new powerful abilities.  Return to the Night of the Zealot is packaged in a premium storage box designed to hold all of the “Night of the Zealot” campaign cards together, along with divider cards to help players sort their components.


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